Can we afford your services?

Yes, we customize our services to meet your communities individual needs.

How long have you been in business?

Since 1987.  We believe in a slow controlled growth, so you do not just become a number.

Are you available for emergencies?

Yes, staff is designated to handle our communities after hour emergency calls.

Many management companies do not service small associations, do you?

Yes, we sit with you to establish your association’s needs and tailor our services to accommodate you.

Are you insured?

Yes, we carry liability, workers compensation, and E&O insurance policies.

Do you have your own Accounting Department, or do you outsource this service?

We maintain our own internal Accounting Department and staff.

Do you expect vendors to pay to be on your vendor list?

Absolutely not!

Can you help us control our costs?

Yes, we evaluate your needs and expectations and formulate a plan to effectuate a valued service to you.

Can you save us money on collections?

Yes, we do not believe in retaining expensive collection companies where the association/client is charged for each step.  We recommend alternate solutions.

How do I create my Special Homeowner Access Portal account?

Please click here for a Guide to create your Special Homeowner Access Portal.

How do I navigate the Special Homeowner Access Portal?

Please click here for a Guide to Caliber Portal.

If I was already signed up with ACH do I need to sign up with E-check?

Yes, please click here. Please click here for help.

Can I pay my assessments using my bank account?

Yes. Homeowners can setup a one-time or schedule a recurring payment using their bank account and routing number (e-check) which is free of charge.

Can I pay my assessments via a credit card?

Yes. Homeowners have the option to process a one-time payment using their debit or credit card. Payment by debit or credit card does have fees that are assessed to the homeowner at the time of payment. Credit Card fee is 3% for all credit card payments and a $5 flat fee for all debit card payments. Please click here to pay with debit or credit card.

Can you automatically deduct the monthly dues from my account, so I do not have to remember to pay?