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Escrow/Lender Questionnaires

The following information is S & L Association Management, Inc’s, general opinion.
Please refer to the applicable laws and to the community’s individual requirements.

Who Is Required To Disclose Information To The Buyer?

The Seller is. Pursuant to Civil Code 4525, “The owner of a separate interest shall provide the following documents to a prospective purchaser of the separate interest, as soon as practicable before the transfer of title or the execution of a real property sales contract, as defined in Section 2985.”

Items Requiring Disclosure

Documents identified in Civil Code 4525, which include governing documents, assessment information, fines, penalties, delinquency status, alleged violations of the governing documents that remain unresolved, rental restrictions, if applicable, pending litigation, etc.

Escrow/Lenders Questionnaires

There is no provision in the Civil Code that mandates an Association or its’ representatives complete forms submitted by others. The Association does not sign lender forms, as this may create liability and may be construed as an agreement.