I did not wake up one morning and decide that I wanted to manage community associations.


I knew community associations existed. However, I knew little of their structures and even less about their governance/association boards. My only exposure to associations was derived from managing individual rentals within an association.


Little did I know that I was about to embark on the professional ride of my life.


Purely by chance I had the personal fortune of engaging in conversation with a pleasant woman at a local nail salon.


After hearing that I was in the property management industry, she shared that she was the president of a local homeowners association board of directors. In conversation she expressed her disappointments with their current management company, which she described as disorganized and unscrupulous.

She stated that they co-mingled funds and instituted a selective vendor list where they suspected that vendors paid to be on their “preferred” list.

Owners were being charged late fees when payments were received on time, increasing compensation to the management company, who retained the late fees. Invoices were paid late or completely missed, thus incurring late fees.


They had reached their collective wits end and they were frustrated.


While she was aware that we had never managed an association before, she asked if we would meet the board and consider managing their community. Our services were retained by the board and we can proudly declare that to this date we continue to manage our very first community.


This new endeavor indeed changed my career path from managing rentals to managing commercial and residential associations. I have continued on this career path since the chance meeting long ago, obtaining the coveted PCAM® (Professional Community Association Manager) designation through CAI (Community Associations Institute) and the CCAM® (Certified Community Association Manager) from CACM (California Association of Community Managers).


S & L Association Management, Inc. (SLAM) is also a Management Firm Council Member of CACM.


Numerous attorneys and insurance brokers have commented on the fact that we empower our boards with knowledge of association subject matters and the industry in general. They find this rare in an industry where both managers and management companies tend to withhold vital information, thinking it makes them indispensable to their clients.


Our philosophy at SLAM is just the opposite. We strive to see that our boards become successful overseers of community business.

We want to provide the necessary tools to our boards to be effective community leaders.

We want to empower our boards so they may leave a legacy of sound decisions, equity and harmony. We understand that directors are volunteers who may require good, solid information in order to effectuate sound business decisions. One such method of supporting our boards is with our Mini Educational Seminars, an intimate educational opportunity, held several times per year. We offer these workshops to both our boards and non-clients.


SLAM has developed a unique passion for the association industry. We believe in and practice our core principals, which is “Back to Basics” (B to B). B to B encompasses timely communications, returning phone calls, responding to written correspondence, follow-through (close the loop), honesty, credibility, and integrity. This is what we are all about.


We find that maintaining our core values is simple when we break down each challenge into manageable steps. We made a decision from the onset that we would never deviate from simple, plain, old fashioned service. Your word is your bond. Do what you say. Treat others as you wish to be treated.


We find that sometimes one-on-one interaction may better resolve a problem, while impersonal form letters may escalate an already tenuous situation. Amicable resolution is the key to winning a war. Sometimes we get so lost in fighting the battles that we lose sight of the big picture, the community, and its residents.


We understand that everyone is fighting a battle of one sort or another, and we want to be the support; the army helping our community and boards with their battles.

We never lose sight of the fact that we exist because of you, our clients.

Today, many companies including vendors, are all about the flash, glitz, and giveaways. Fancy words, fancy programs, and fancy gimmicks will never replace good old fashion respect, courtesy, kindness, and value.


We understand that one size does not fit all. We are not for everyone. If you believe our philosophies mirror yours, we would love to sit and chat with you.


Thank you for your interest in S & L Association Management, Inc. and thank you for taking the time to visit our website.


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Rosy Amlani